the Sun Valley Group

Core Values
There are almost as many details in producing flowers as there are flowers! Improvement on any detail improves our ability to provide excellent service and product to our customers.
Each period we recognize any team members who have innovated improvements for any of the farms. We recognize innovation in quality in flowers, packing, customer service; innovation in efficiency that saves business resources while maintaining quality, innovation that makes any of the farms safer places to work, or innovations in productivity that increase numbers of flowers picked, bulbs planted, or boxes packed or that improve recovery rates.
Recognition of the innovators' contributions encourage enthusiastic awareness of our core values.

#1 Be the best that you can be.

#2 Treat neighbors like you want to be treated.

#3 Inspire others and always keep learning.

#4 Treat team members with respect.

#5 Keep our workplace safe and clean.

#6 Delight and amaze customers.

#7 Foster a team culture.

#8 Instill opportunities for all.

#9 Continuously improve and innovate.

#10 Always remain humble and gracious.

The World of Sun Valley
The World of Sun Valley
The World of Sun Valley



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